What are my Mass attendance obligations when Christmas falls on a Monday?
This year, Christmas is on a Monday. There are two obligations for Mass attendance: Sunday (the 4th Sunday of Advent) and Christmas. One Mass cannot serve as a fulfilment of the two obligations.

Masses at Holy Apostles will be celebrated on Saturday, December 23rd at 5pm, and Sunday, December 24th at 9am and 11am.

This year, the 4th Sunday of Advent falls on Christmas Eve. It is important to know these are two different Masses. As part of our Sunday obligation attending a weekend or Sunday Mass is obligatory (CCC 2042, Can. 1247).

Christmas Eve Masses at Holy Apostles will be celebrated on Sunday, December 24 at 7pm, 9pm, and 11pm.

Christmas Eve begins the Solemnity of the Nativity of our Lord, Christmas. This Mass is different from the Mass celebrated on the morning of the same day. In the morning, it was the Mass of the 4th Sunday of Advent, while the evening Masses will be Christmas Masses.

Christmas Day Mass, December 25, will be celebrated at 10am.

Christmas is a Holy Day of Obligation and thus, we are expected to attend and participate in the Eucharistic celebration of that day (CCC 2042). The Masses of Christmas Eve satisfy the obligation for Christmas Mass.

 As we begin our Advent journey, may the Spirit of Christ help us to prepare our hearts for the birth of Christ.

 Have a grace-filled advent.

 Fr. Vitalis Onyeama

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