Anam Cara

Anam Cara — Gaelic for "Soul Friend"
A ministry of Spiritual Direction for Holy Apostles parishioners

Spiritual Direction is a process of one or more conversations between a director and one who seeks to "grow in wisdom and grace" (Luke 2:52). It is a relationship between two persons centered in and open to the work of the Holy Spirit.

Spiritual directors are trained, experienced guides whose goal is to listen and accompany others on their spiritual journey. They are not counselors or therapists. Their role is not to give answers, solve problems, or give advice. They listen without judgment in a totally confidential setting. They may ask questions or make suggestions for the purpose of helping the directee discover how God is present and working amid the joys and struggles of life.

People seek spiritual direction for many reasons, including:
–To find meaning in their joys and struggles
–To better understand themselves and their relationship with God
–To enrich their experience of prayer and spiritual practices
–To develop a sensitivity for justice and concern for all of God's creation
–To work through a discernment process, or through critical stages in their faith journey

Parishioners who seek spiritual direction may want to meet one or more times with a spiritual director or make this a part of their ongoing journey by scheduling regular meetings (usually monthly for one hour). Normally these meetings will be at Holy Apostles unless a different location is mutually agreed on.

For more information, contact
Patti Chave 208-695-6569